Thursday, 22 March 2012

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Ainuddin program

on 3 disember 2011, my kolej have conduct a program ," Program Ainuddin pejuang degil melayu" on this program we have invited person who wrote about ainuddin. He actually the person who design the layout of utm johor bahru campus . now days,if you all come to utm johor bahru you will find the the mosque is at the center of utm. to ainuddin  every person must put thier religion first place in thier heart.that is the way to become a great man.

(after we finished the program)

 (my teammates)

back to main topic.i willingly participate on this program . and i have be give responsible to manage technical . i incharge in managing the PA system . most of participants very setisfied with my work.everybody can see the slide  clearly and able to hear the speaker voice clearly

tanglong festival

Tanglong festival! at utm make make learn other people culture . here first time I go see tanglong festival with my own was undescribe feeling . I saw many of my Chinese friends there, they told me almost every thing about that festival .they told me that it has one wall that full with 1000 word of poet. Its very interesting .even tough I don’t understand but.they try to translate it for me. There one booth I went , the person who incharge in that booth teach me how to create my own wheel tang long .it is very simple. Only use any tin such as milo tin . first of all you create a image n make a hole at that tin based on your image.after that you just put candle in it n mualah! Tada!!! You already create your own tang long!

first week at utm

Transformation week –ktr

                Hey guys ,this time my entry about how my life start at utm. Everything new .having a new friend , new room,new lifestyle everything first I saw everyone really excited at register counter, and that excited emotion continued when we meet our facilitators and start knowing someone  stranger. On second day they for a leader at that time they called “ penghulu” and some candidate has been choose and I also have been selected for candidates. Based from majority vote for the election  I have been chose to be a penghulu. Actually I quite shock when they pick me to be their penghulu, I with open heart accept that responsible and be great penghulu for them

(This photo about when facilitators ask me to give some speech on the last day.)

On that week ,utm have creat a game for every first year student. The game that they offer is futsal sepak raga, net, ball, Frisbee , and run around utm. I willingly participate in sepak raga even tough we didn’t we but we already feel good because we try very hard for this ,and we also have a great relationship between our teammates until now. 
(my teammates )
We have a great day on that day.everybody so enjoy until some of us fell asleep in the bus.


from left: (faezah,farah,hafiza)
hye. it my second i wanna talk about my family .b4 dis i already mention that i have 2 brother and 3 sister.the eldest is my sister .her name is hafiza binti abdul muttalib, she graduated from universiti malaya in degree of pure fizik, and now she working at kolej mara seremban as a fizik lecturer.she is sporting so funny and sometimes she quite scary..ahahha(alah kakak mmg suke marah adik la kan) she already married with 1 cool guy.very humble person n quite funny..i gureentee your will not aspect him a guy who can make a second sister still study at university malaya doing telecommunication eng,oh forgot to mention her name,her name is faezah binti abdul muttalib.she have a few princip a silent you are the better you will be..she is a quite person, but she sporting she only talk when she think she have.lastly my youngest sister ,her name is farah abdul muttalib .she juz finish her spm and she get a wonderful so proud (hahah walaupun bukan result aku tp still bange kot! ) she continue her study at utm same like me..she doing forcast .i always said to her.try to keep up her good effort.
lelaki: from left:(aziz,arif,alim)

ok now i want to story bout my bro lah.okay my first brother is abdul aziz bin abdul muttalib,he studied at UTM in mekatronik engeering  and now he work at intel in pulau pinang.he have a diffrent point of thinking compare to us.he have a mature thinking .he always think a few step foward.thats all for my first brother.okay lest moved moveon to my second brother .his name is abdul arif bin abdul muttalib,he also graduate from UTM in mechanical he continue his study  in master.(psl komputer tp tak tau ape).and lastly is MEEE!!!! hahah

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

about me

basicaly im just ordinary student yg tgh buat assignment nye...(haha)
actually my name is abdul alim bin abdul muttalib.born on 7 september mean im 20 years old this year.
5th kid from 6.having two perfect parents it so wonderful because the complete my life.i have 3 sister and 2 brother.

Basically this is a introduction to know me.first of all my name is abdul alim bin abdul muttalib. I am just ordinary student who really have high confidence .i  really like tell everyone if I found a new info. By talking I will making a new friend. Even tough it is quite hard to talk to someone on the first time but we always learn by experience  everyday. Actually learning from experience we already use since baby. Try to observe other baby. How they start to walk, before they able to walk they have to crawl first, after that they try to stand, even tough they fell down. They always not give up until they can walk and run. Human natural behaviour is not give up, but when we grow up ,we pamper ourselves so much until we lost the attitude. Attitude not to give up.